Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC

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Selectable Joystick Control (SJC)

Whether you’re maneuvering your loader, operating attachments or pushing and lifting materials, control means everything. With Bobcat® Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC), available on most loader models, the power is in your hands. They’re the most advanced joysticks on the market, engineered and built with technology and features to help you run your machine and attachments more efficiently than ever. They’re also the most reliable joysticks we’ve ever made.

Ultimate Control

Control is everything when you work long days on tough jobs. That’s why the Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) features fingertip switches and selectable control pattern. Fingertip controls enable you to easily control numerous machine functions without letting go of the joysticks. Operate a planer, trencher or tree spade with ease or control the angle functions on the soil conditioner, angle broom or grader. Selectable control pattern gives you further flexibility to choose between ISO or H-Pattern, satisfying different operators with the flip of a switch.

Have a question on how to work a specific feature?

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  • Lift and Tilt Compensation
  • Horsepower Management Demo
  • Speed Management Demo
  • Drive Response Demo
  • Steering Drift Compensation Demo
  • Automatic Ride Control Demo
  • Hydraulic Bucket Positioning Demo

Increased Comfort

Get improved functionality without sacrificing ease of use. Controls are exactly where you expect them to be: at your fingertips. Plus, joysticks can be adjusted separately from the operator seat, making operation comfortable for any operator. Because there’s only one convenient foot throttle, operators enjoy increased legroom inside the cab.

Feature Details

Speed Management

With speed management, you can adjust your travel speed independently from your engine speed. Set your engine speed to the optimal setting for the attachment you’re operating, then dial in your desired travel speed. It’s especially helpful when you operate attachments that require a slow and consistent travel speed while maintaining high engine speeds, such as a trencher, planer, snow blower or mower. Simply set your desired speed and go.

Horsepower Management

Horsepower management automatically matches engine torque to the workload. If you work in challenging conditions and your engine rpm starts to slow, horsepower management automatically adjusts to minimize stalling. If you want more control over your machine’s performance and your work, simply turn horsepower management off.

Steering Drift Compensation

Steering drift compensation keeps your loader on a straight path as you side-shift certain attachments, such as a planer or trencher, that tend to pull the machine to one side. It’s also beneficial when you operate on surfaces that cause the loader to gradually drift to the left or right, such as gradual slopes or crowned roads. Make fine steering adjustments with the push of a button to either side and stay on target.

Driver Response

Drive response mode allows you to choose how the drive responds to joystick movement. Three different settings put you in control: Choose a higher mode for quicker drive response. Select a lower drive mode for smooth, responsive operation.

Compare Brands

There’s a huge difference between published specs and real-world testing. Bobcat Advantage® puts the industry’s top compact equipment brands in tough challenges to show you the differences. Objective tests and competitive comparisons measure up Bobcat®, Kubota®, Caterpillar®, Case® and New Holland® loaders.

Control At Your Fingertips

Joystick controls help you work faster. With critical functions right at your fingertips, you have a better command over your machine. While most loader manufacturers offer joystick controls, they’re not all created equal. Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) from Bobcat is the industry’s most advanced joystick system. Kubota, Caterpillar, Case and New Holland say they have advanced controls, but feature-for-feature, nothing compares to Selectable Joystick Controls.


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