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Bobcat Sand and Salt Spreader – SP9 Attachment

Compatible With:

Utility Vehicles

Bobcat Sand and Salt Spreader – SP9 Attachment

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Key Specifications

Operating Weight 192 lb
Length 52.8 in
Width 38 in
Height 24 in
Hopper Capacity 9.45 ft³
Spreading Pattern Max 30 ft
Speed Control Variable Speed Control Dial
Motor 12-Volt 1/2 HP
Spinner Wheel 12" Diameter

Key Features

Stainless Steel Hopper The stainless-steel hopper and frame resist corrosion and provide excellent durability for serious work.
Chute Baffle System Baffles within the chute direct material to key areas on the spinner result in a remarkably even and consistent spread pattern with less material directed back at the vehicle.
Mesh Screen A mesh screen at the top of the hopper filters large chunks of sand and salt to produce a consistent, even flow.
Dash-Mounted Spread Control A convenient dash-mounted spreader control allows operators to easily adjust the auger and spinner speed to change the spread pattern of up to 30 feet – all from inside the cab.
Dual Variable Spread Control Dual variable-speed control of the spinner and HELIXX system allow for precise material delivery at low or high output. Also features auto reverse and accessory integration.
Removable Chute Remove a single pin to flip up the chute. Remove two pins to take it off entirely and get easy hitch access and more flexible storage. The molded spinner plug must be removed when flipped for dumping.
Optional Vibrator Kit An optional vibrator kit attaches to the structural cross member, vibrating the unit’s tub and sill to ensure material flows evenly through the spreader attachment.
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