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Why R-Series Is the Most Powerful, Durable and Comfortable Lineup of Loaders Ever Made.

You can’t drive past a construction site or landscaping project without seeing a compact loader hard at work. These workhorse machines are the go-to solution for taking on big, complex projects that require unrelenting power, or for impressive attachment versatility. It’s no wonder there are more loader brands than ever to choose from. Here are the reasons R-Series loaders are leading the industry.

To keep up, you can never stop innovating to find better, more efficient ways to do more. We’re right there with you. That’s why Bobcat redesigned our R-Series loaders from the ground up – to create a revolution in how work gets done. These compact track and skid-steer loaders deliver maximum torque and power, added muscle to lift more, beefed-up components to stand up to more aggressive work, plus a level of comfort and control you’ve got to experience to believe. It’s a revolution the work demands (and you deserve). Get inside an R-Series machine and expect a spike in productivity, a drop in downtime and a complete transformation in how you feel about doing the most complicated work that requires agility, control and power.

Power and Precision to Push Your Performance

Unstoppable Power

On that first big job in an R-Series loader, you’ll notice a difference. More usable horsepower and torque kick in for major pushing, digging, lifting and attachment work – delivered by the redesigned inline engine and durable direct drive system. Maximum torque at a lower rpm means less chance of stalling – not to mention time and fuel savings. These loaders run circles around other machines in power, speed and control thanks to finely tuned hydraulic components.

Fuel running low, but the job’s almost done? With the new innovative fuel system, low fuel levels are more forgiving so you can finish the job when working on slopes – plus it improves cold-weather operation so your loader is ready to go when you are. The easier-to-service-and-maintain engine includes longer-lasting fuel filters, adjustment-free engine belts and a self-priming fuel system. Spend more time on the job, less in the shop.

Added Lifting Muscle

An unbeatable combination of beefed-up lift arms with rugged cast-steel sections, redesigned lift-arm linkage and powerful hydraulics helps you lift more and lift higher. Get strength and rigidity where you need them most to confidently dump over high-sided trucks quickly and easily with every cycle. Lift more throughout the loader’s range of motion. And count on having all the power you need – even at full reach. The dual-direction bucket positioning feature keeps full loads at a consistent angle throughout the lift cycle – both up and down. When using attachments like a pallet fork, you won’t spill materials when you don’t want to.

Control in Your Hands

Whether you’re maneuvering around a crowded jobsite, operating attachments, pushing or lifting – control is everything. It’s all yours with the most advanced joysticks on the market in your hands. Take precise control to manage speed, steering drift, horsepower and drive-response mode. Choose the way you work best – with either ISO- or H-pattern movement. In addition, hand/foot controls are available on most Bobcat loader models.

Take the Heat and Come Back for More

Unforgiving worksites and obstacles are par for the course. Attack them without fear. We redesigned the lift-arm linkage so it’s away from stress areas and out of your line of sight. An extended steel guard protects couplers from damage. And hoses and fittings are rerouted behind the tilt bucket cylinders to improve visibility and offer better protection from debris.

The strength of cast steel was added to the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system so you can do more aggressive attachment work. With fewer welds, this stronger, more durable connection stands up to daily abuse. All that and designed openings allow debris to pass through, so you’ll spend less time doing clean-out.

Harsh work conditions can punish tracks … on other loaders. R-Series compact track loaders include an ultra-strong 5-Link torsion suspension system undercarriage. The rollers and idlers are made from cast steel and iron – not rubber – to maximize the life of your machine and minimize downtime.

You work hard; so should your loader. The well-thought-out design of the R-Series engine compartment allows for easy routine maintenance and better cooling, so you can push your loader to do more. The redesigned inline engine and durable direct drive system help increase the horsepower and airflow. Plus, the 50%-larger fan cools the higher-capacity radiator and oil cooler while rotating more slowly and quietly as it moves more air across the engine. Add the reversing fan option to quickly blow off debris that collects on the screen. Larger auxiliary hydraulic hoses – standard on high-flow models – are designed to further reduce operating temperatures. And in the back, heavy-duty steel louvers protect the engine while allowing maximum airflow for cooling. With enhanced cooling features of an R-Series loader, you can confidently run attachments for hours at a time.

Superior Operator Comfort

Stay focused on work

Even on noisy, chaotic jobsites, it’s quiet enough to hear yourself think inside the cab of an R-Series loader. The new one-piece, sealed and pressurized design isolates you from engine and hydraulic noise. Unlike other loaders, the door seals tight. It blocks out dust and debris and keeps the heating and cooling systems running more efficiently – which keeps you more comfortable. When it’s time to access key service and maintenance points, the entire one-piece tip-up cab lifts out of the way for quick access.

Best view on the jobsite

Seeing the work around you is critical on the worksite. From front to back and side to side, R-Series loaders give you the view you need – of attachments, materials and obstacles around you. The cab includes a large curved front glass panel for an expansive view from your seat. The cab-forward design gets you closer to the attachment to see the work in front of you. Look up and out of the large top window when raising a load above the cab. Or easily see down to the tires or tracks through extra-wide side windows – the redesigned lift arms with cast-steel sections offer a slimmer profile to enhance the view. Get a great view of the back through the rear window – the low tailgate sits below the window. R-Series loaders come rear camera-ready; add the optional rear camera to continuously monitor on-screen what’s behind you. The rear-camera seamlessly integrates into our display – no need for an additional panel taking up room in the cab. Ask about our clear-side enclosure that maximizes your view with a reduced-mesh design offering an unobstructed line of sight to the tires, tracks and bucket corners. Ultra-bright LED front and rear lights aren’t an extra: they come standard on R-Series machines for greater visibility when working in low-light conditions.

All-day comfort

When all day can mean 10 to 12 hours or more, comfort should never be optional. We made sure that it won’t feel like an extra-long day in the comfort of your R-Series loader cab. The extra link on the rear axle of the patented 5-Link torsion suspension system adds stability when grading or lifting loads. You’ll notice a dramatically smoother ride and a big difference in the amount of stress and vibration from the undercarriage. A heated air-ride seat adjusts to your weight, and an automatic heating and air conditioning system, available with select option packages, makes tough conditions easier on you no matter the weather.

Better on-the-job intelligence

Better performance isn’t all about brute strength. It’s also about real-time intelligence. R-Series loaders give you the data and information you need throughout the workday to maximize productivity. Troubleshoot right from your seat using diagnostics and operation info that’s easy to read on the standard full-color 5-inch display. Monitor or change settings on attachments. See the view from the integrated optional rearview camera. And take complete control of your loader’s performance.

For even more control, choose the optional 7-inch touch display. Get enhanced features, detailed machine data, on-screen attachment control and a continuous view from the integrated rear camera. Plus, use Bluetooth® technology to connect to devices. You can even make and receive hands-free phone calls and actually hear them thanks to the active-noise-canceling feature. No need to take your work gloves off to use the high-resolution touch screen. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant and built to withstand the rugged conditions and weather you work in. Protect your loader using the password-protected, keyless start. Monitor how your crew is performing using unique operator codes. Or, get motivated listening to AM/FM or weather band presets.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

Get the revolutionary performance you need to take on your most challenging work. If you’re ready for a new compact loader, you need to try a new R-Series loader. You deserve a machine that helps you lift more, run harder, complete bigger jobs and do more in less time.

Learn how you’ll get more standard features with an R-Series loader than with any other loader on the market.

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